Forensic Genealogy

...genealogical research, analysis, and reporting in cases with legal implications.
HandsChartSmallWe assist law offices, title insurance companies, and financial institutions locate missing and unknown heirs, legatees, and beneficiaries. We provide:

    • Source-cited reports
    • Affidavits of Kinship and Due Diligence
    • Exhibits containing all documents relied on to determine identity and kinship
    • Large family tree charts for use in court
    • Foreign documents with appropriate certifications, apostilles, and translations

Our credentialed, experienced genealogists provide research you can rely on. We deliver reports and affidavits at a reasonable cost.


Our cases have involved research throughout the United States as well as in Belgium, the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Serbia, Slovakia, Switzerland, and more. Our reports and affidavits have been accepted in New York, Vermont, and Massachusetts courts for nearly ten years. Sample cases we have solved:

    • Traced the family of an New York City Slovakian immigrant with no known living relatives through fifteen different countries, using documents written in seven different languages, resulting in two living first cousins once removed in Switzerland
    • Located seven grandnieces/nephews and five great-grandnieces/nephews as heirs in order to quiet title, for a real estate title insurance company
    • Reviewed research and identified missing information in a case that was completed by an heir search firm, in regard to a Massachusetts decedent with heirs in Germany
    • Given only names and addresses from the 1960s, documented the deaths of three unrelated remaindermen beneficiaries to a trust and located their heirs
    • Documented the death of one witness to a will, and found an address for the other witness, starting with only their 1981 locations in 1981



With nearly 1200 billed forensic genealogy hours, Catherine B.W. Desmarais, CG, is a Level IV (highest) member of the Council for the Advancement of Forensic Genealogy (CAFG). She has served on their board of directors, coordinated their mentor program, and taught at three Forensic Genealogy Institutes.




Just want to tell you how thrilled I am with the family heritage chart. It has been framed and is now a very important picture in the dining area of my family room! Many, many thanks again for this work of art!